Tools for Latino Family Outreach

Tools for Latino Family Outreach: Supporting Student Success in the Middle-grades and Beyond guides educators through a well-defined process for building a family outreach program focused on promoting postsecondary education. The tools, designed to be self-facilitated and self-paced by a team of educators, include detailed instructions that a facilitator can use to lead planning meetings. The tools also include bilingual data collection instruments (i.e., surveys, observation forms, and questionnaires) that teams can use to set goals for their programs and assess their progress toward those goals. 

During its development, we field-tested the toolkit for usability in five middle-grades schools across the U.S. In addition, through our implementation study, we worked with middle schools in New York and Arkansas for two years as they used the toolkit to build their own programs. We found that even educators with well-established parent outreach programs gained new ideas and inspiration from using the toolkit. We hope you will too. 

Multimedia Introduction

To learn more, watch this short narrated introduction to the toolkit.

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